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All bronzes are limited editions of 100 or less. We keep a limited number of smaller pieces on hand for immediate delivery.  Larger bronzes are only available on special order.

Click on the images or titles for larger views.

  Male Figure - click for more views.Female Figure - click for more views.
Male & Female Figures
Bronze, sold together or separate
4 ¾ in. long, 2 lbs. ea.
$235.00 ea.

My daughter, Cris Chagnon, helped design this series of Bearings: Black Bearing, Grizzly Bearing, and Polar Bearing.  Each one has a distinctive footprint on the bottom. 

 These smaller pieces have been very popular.

  Grizzly Bearing - click for more views. Happy Cub - click for more views. Wish Bear- click for more views.
2 in. long, 1 ½ lbs.
2 ¾ in. long, 12 oz.
2 in. long, 9 oz.


My larger pieces - First Spring, Seeker, and Ursa Major - are available by special order.  Since we do not keep a large inventory of limited edition pieces, please allow six weeks or so for delivery of these wonderful bronzes.

First Spring,   Mom and Cub. - Click for more views. Seeker- click for more views. Ursa Major- click for more views.
Bronze, two pieces sold together
Mom: 4 ¼ " tall, 5 ¼ lbs.
Cub: 2 ¾" tall, 1 lbs.
Bronze, Virginia Soapstone base
7 in. tall, 15 ½ lbs.
Bronze, Virginia Soapstone base
9 ½ in. tall, 24 lbs.

Number three of this limited edition bronze was donated to the

Virginia Western Community College
Art Department






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